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Welcome to the Village Folk Series of children's books,
a collection of stories told in verse.

First In the Village Folk Series of easy to read books, specially designed for anytime reading between adults and children of 4 – 8 years old, is Clarissa the Clown.

Clarissa the clown
Clarissa the clown
Roberto the robot
Roberto the Robot
Majesty the magician
Majesty the Magician
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Written to appeal as much to adults/parents/teachers as they do to children with every verse written in rhyme and with illustrations by the award winning design team IOL they are already finding a place as one preferred medium for helping youngsters learn how to read whilst enjoying quality time with their parents or teachers

With each book running to little more than twenty pages,the message of core values of love and understanding, while overcoming of fears and self-doubt as the main themes, are supported throughout.

These little tales are designed, through their principal characters, to promote self‑confidence, love and consideration for others. Each title, comprising a microcosm of life, creates a mini-crisis or dilemma which is happily resolved in the end, with a simple moral value there to be appreciated and understood. Clarissa the clown image

In addition to the fun aspect of these books they will provide an important aid for early stage readers, together with assistance for late starters. In that sense they will also be an invaluable adult learners' reading tool. Care has been taken to ensure that the stories all scan, making the learning of new words, through the memorising of verses, a simple routine.

I believe the series will prove to be enormously popular with children and adults alike, all of whom will enjoy building the complete collection of books .

The Village Folk live in an imaginary village set in 'Anywhere.' They are a mixture of ordinary and extraordinary people and characters who pop up in each other's stories. Hence, Tansy the Teacher appears in Majesty the Magician; Thomasina Proud can be found in Roberto the Robot and Majesty the Magician; while Clarissa the Clown and Majesty both appear in Pappa the Puppet Maker.

  M-Y Books Village folk books I hope you find these tales as much fun to read as I have found writing them. Do let us have your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Anything that we can do to make the
series more enjoyable and relevant will be taken on board. Majesty the magician image
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